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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Start thinking globally

Hello Students,

Start thinking globally by doing some research:

Click on the link below, select one country from the list of 45 and post one interesting fact about that country.


Enjoy your journey!


  1. Hey Ms.Jackson this is Lily I just saw a couple of pictures of Dakhla, Morocco and it seems like a really nice and relaxing place.

  2. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    I'm surprised that Panama is #1 on the list. the page suggests that you might "go for the canal," and "stay for everything else." the canal itself is undergoing a multi-billion dollar expansion.
    I also found London interesting, as it seems that is 2012's location for the olympics. Not to mention their cheese!
    -Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  3. I am so excited!!! Thank you Lily and Xavier for repsonding to my post!

  4. Hello , Ms Jackson

    didnt feel like writing one interesting fact about the place , but the place i chose was London because i personally love that city <3

    well much love , Shelsy ( your ALMOST favorite student ) <3

  5. Portovenere, Italy i like this place because i always thought Italy was only like sausage and pasta and pizza , its a little Stereotyped but now i guess seeing that it is also a great fishing place sounds awesome


  6. I Picked Portovenere, Italy Because that place is Waveeey!! :] It was inspired by poets and writers, it has a jumble of pastel houses and a beautiful country From Maii

  7. Hello Ms. Jackon,
    I chose panama because I was very enarmored by the pictures and the fact that the canal is such a beautiful goegraphical feature. Panama's immigration rate is increasing at a very fast pace as the years because it's wonderful to live in panama, I most definitely would :D

  8. hi ms. jackson
    i think that its italy because its a beautiful place over there :T & WE ALL MISS YOU IN CLASS. you need a flight back to NEW YORK ASAP ! :]

    - Kristie.

  9. hi ms. Jackson i was looking at Dakhla, Morocco photos and their roads seemed very sandy and they couldn't get through very easily.