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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A culture of cultures

Hello students,

Examine the images below. Can you detect evidence of cultural diffusion? What is being suggested?

Enjoy the Soda! Lol


  1. O wow the soda coca cola but they call it some other name and hi ms. jackson

  2. Hello ms Jackson,
    I definitely see some cultural diffusion here. We have coca cola and they have it as well :D

  3. Cool ms.jackson that is some major cutural diffusion. We have coke and so do they but do to. but their labal so cool, because the arbacic writing.

  4. So Ms. Jackson there is a similarity i see here the soda is just like the same soda we have here. How do like there food?

  5. i think their writing is very unique

  6. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    And these are the moments where what we learned in class comes in to play.
    The cultural diffusion here is between american and African coca-cola, which is a very famous product sold all around the world. I'm not surprised that Coca-Cola sells their products around the world. Cities in Morocco must have asked for permission to sell in their country, in exchange for a part of the profit.
    Coca-Cola pretty much controls the soft-drink industry.
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  7. American & African COLA but its nice to see them experiencing our SODAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!