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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The city of Casablanca

Hello students,

Today I had an opportunity to visit the city of Casablanca. The students were great! They were respectful and wanted to know how I felt about them. Take a moment and research the city of Casablanca and post me a response.

Guess what I officially have students in Morocco.

Think Globally!


  1. Hello Ms. Jackson,
    Their schools look really fun and exciting. The kids look really amicable and loving. I'm glad that your having a blast :D

  2. Ms. Fequiere, Ms. Nicholas, And Ms. Miller said Hi!. We all miss you, and MS. Fequiere said she tried to email you but it keeps coming back, and Ms. Miller said she tried to text you, and she has spicy chips waiting for you. Ms. Jackson it looks like you are having a lot of fun and the food looks similar to ours like the Coco-Cola and the burgers. The students looks around our age and they seem like they like you. Is it easier to teach them then to teach us. Everything looks so colorful, bright and beautiful. Ms. Fequiere said is there anyway you can bring her one of the lamps. We miss you a lot.

  3. The city of Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. It is also the 6th biggest city in the entire continent of Africa

  4. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    Casablanca is located on the edge of Morroco.
    It's also the name of a very famous movie!
    Congratulations on making some friends among the students. We all know you'll teach them well!
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  5. The responses to these pictures are great, well written and insightful.

  6. Their writing is so cool, I want to learn how to write like this.