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Friday, March 16, 2012

News Flash!

This was taken from www.scoop.it

Africa: It's NOT a Country!

“This misconception is often due to the fact that our textbooks teach Africa's history after colonialism. ” Great quote, read more about it on www.scoop.it

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  1. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    There's a lot of information on this page.
    I found out from this page that prices in the U.S. are highest in New York and California. I also found out an astounding fact..
    "An African administrative chief uses Twitter to help solve problems and maintain order in his Kenyan village.."
    REALLY? Ha that's really funny. I never imagined a leader using something at trendy as twitter to watch over his area. Although, I can see how it would be easy to connect with the people in your country, or, in this case, village.
    It also seems that they use machines to produce meat, so that they can save chickens. I think that's just a sorry excuse for using machinery, since it's faster.
    A lot of great info here, keep em coming!
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  2. Hello Ms Jackson,
    After reading many of these articles I was very astonished by the information. I learned so much and a very surprising fact was that an African amenistrative chief uses twitter to main and create stability in his Kenyan, village. It amazes me that chiefs and higher positioned jobs are using the web to maintain a country or in this situation, a village. Also I'm very happy for former President Nelson Mandela, that he's going to be fine and that he will recover really well.

    -Lamar Gayle

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  4. After reading these articles I was surprised by the facts of African amenistrative cheif uses twitter to create stability in his Kenyan! :)
    -Lexus Carrington

  5. I don't know why people call Africa a country with most people knowing that is is a continent. I already knew that. :)

  6. After reading some of the articles on this site it seemed like people in Africa depend on their agriculture a lot and the articles kind make almost all of Africa seem poor but it's really not every part. I don't know why people think it's a country but i mix that up a lot too.
    -Aaliyah N