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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Culture Shock

Hello Students,

So, you are at the bus station and you really need to go to the bathroom. The image below is the public restroom.

Post a response.


  1. ummmm MS. Jackson,

    I really hope you havent used that! Are people usually embarassed or do they do this everyday?? Also, it looks so small! It look like one of those things in a store where you put your feet in to tell your shoe size ! But- how do you actually use it ? like do they stand because by the picture, it doesnt look like an american toilet ! where does the waste even go, in that little hole ??

    Your VERY CURIOUS Student,
    Assata Alston

  2. What she said Ms Jackson , where do the waste go ? & its completely different from us American toliets !

    _ April

  3. Thats cool i hope your enjoying yourself ms jackson

    -brianna b

  4. Yes, I did really use the tiolet. It was interesting, lol lol believe me.

  5. umm . . . wheres the toilet ?

  6. That is so weird. I hope they don't have this kind of toilet everywhere in Morocco. Or do they?