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Sunday, March 25, 2012

High School

Hello students,

These are pictures of the local high school that I have been teaching at. The students are extremely respectful and value teachers.

I teach Monday-Saturday from 7:15 until 1:00pm. I love working with the students, they are engaged and want to master the English language.

My goal is to build a cultural bridge between the students in Morocco and my students in New York City.

I showed the students in Morocco pictures and videos of my students and they want to meet them all.

Post a comment, let me know what you are thinking.


  1. Ms Jackson,

    I miss you soooooo soo sooo SO MUCH! I am so interested in the facct that they would like to learn english! while I was reading your caption a thought appeared in my head! You said they wanted to learn english, But are they learning the basics of it? Such as; prefixes and sufixes, nouns, proper nouns, adjectives and etc? I would really love to learn about how they try and master english and what are their techniques to remember =ing and studying the language

    Your Student,
    Assata Alston

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  3. I'm really glad to meet you and meet your students who have appeared in the video that we saw in our whole class. I am a student in high school "Abdellah Ben Yasine", my name's Charaf if you remember me. I just want to thank you so much, and I hope you spend a very good time with us in Morocco.
    Charaf Hsaine

  4. i think that you should to a peer-to-peer or a penpal so that we can write them and they can write us. it would be really cool to know what it is like and i cant wait until u get back so you can tell us how your experience was

  5. Hello Ms Jackson,
    I think it's very that they want to meet us all and we want to learn about their culture as we teach them about ours :D

  6. Were Gonna Need To Catch Up On Notes.....This Work Okaii But I Need you To Talk As I Take Notess I Like Ms.Nicholas its Been So Much Funn

  7. Aww they have a fountain outside their school, that's nice. Also, I think the scene of them learning seems serene and they seem well behaved.