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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More images!


  1. i think that would be my favorite part of the trip , since i like mirrors so much :)

  2. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    Wow, you are spending a lot of time shopping. I'm guessing your not just looking around? I would love to see you bring back a souvenir!
    Most of these mirrors have the different-colored edges on the corners. I've seemed to realize how the people in Morocco seem to decorate and design their items.
    The dressers look fairly simple, except for the one with the many keyhole-shaped cravings in it.
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  3. Hey Ms. Jackson we need you back in history class because things went out of control Jaylen and Errol almost got into a fight over something stupid. but at least the work is getting done. :) the pictures are really great tho i see your having a good time.

  4. Hey Ms.Jackson
    What Do The Pictures Symbolize On The Chest???
    Or Is It Telling A Story....

  5. WoW,the decorations on the vases are beautiful and one of a kind
    -Shamyia Mckie

  6. These mirrors look really amazing. Looking at these mirrors I realized each one has a special carving and design. I can tell your having a blast in Morocco ")

  7. Is that their furniture? INTERESTING

  8. That big chest/drawer is so beautifully carved.