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Sunday, March 25, 2012

It is official I am Moroccan

Hello students,

In the city of Agadir I visited an historic place called La Medina d'Agadir. Inside you will see beautiful statutes and various artwork that tells the story of Agadir many years ago.

During my visit I had an opportunity
to try on traditional clothing. I felt

Enjoy the images of La Medina d' Aagdir.


  1. HA ! MS. Jackson,

    You look Moroccan!! OMG ! I do wonder though, was it comfortable where the clothes?? because you looked alittle uncomfortable in them lol. The way they wear clothes is more conservative I see, then the way we wear clothes over here!

    Anthoer thing! I love the use of texture and color here! everything is so pretty and colorful! for example, The picture with the stones with blue is cool! It looks like they use alot of circles when designing their architechual features! Is that a symbol or something ?

    I LOOOOVVVEE the statues of the Tiki!!! ( is that even a tiki) They look like those status that you see in hawaii five-o or something ! its pretty interesting!

    Your Student,
    Assata Alston

  2. Wow by The Looks it seems Like You Had Alot Of Fun. You Might Want To Do This Again i Am Actually Missing You,And You're Weird Facial Expressions When You look At Me...LOL (Its Only Funny For Me...:])

  3. Pink Moroccan clothing! I like your choice of color, hehe. Also, I like the building that's under that arch. It looks beautiful.