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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello Students,

Where do you think this picture was taken?


  1. I think this is located in Rome. Aliyah Pearto;[

  2. I think this picture was taken in Greece. I find this picture very interesting. - Qualai

  3. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    I would say this picture is from Morocco, as that's where you're going, but to be honest it looks like it was taken somewhere in Europe. The white statue with wings seems European or French to me. The design on the podium also hints to that as well. Maybe whatever is in the background would give me a better clue.
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  4. I think this is probably something to portray "Cupid" with the bow and arrow and the red heart .... Danashia McLaughlin

  5. Hi, Ms. JAckson

    I think this photo was taken somewhere in Europe. Probably Rome or Italy. It's interesting to me because the statue does look like cupid, and isnt cupid associated with Rome ?? i dont know. BUt, I did notice the features of the statue and tthey way it was made... why didn't the creator make a full statue? and why did the creator make the statue in all white? was there no other color available? and Is this statue significant? does it represent something? Well i'll ask you when you come back =)

    Your Student,
    Assata Alston

  6. I think this photo was taken somewhere in Greece/Rome/Italy.

    - Alexis Allbright

  7. I Think This Was Taken In Greece, - Mai Samura

  8. Hello Ms. Jackson,
    I think this photo was taken in Rome. Looking at the photo I noticed it was a statue that was neatly carved and I automatically thought of the Greek civilization because they create statues to tell stories and also to honor someone who they think is very consequential. This photo also reminded me of Cupid who was the god of love and I know that the Greek civilization were the first to name gods after music, love, beauty, war, etc.......

    -Lamar Gayle

  9. Hey Ms. Jackson !

    I think this photo was taken somewhere in Italy. After seeing the Fur Elise on the statue, i immediately thought of Italy, or Europe.

    -Alexis Guzman

  10. Thank you to all my Global Thinkers!

    The picture was taken in the city of Florence located in the country of Italy.

    1. Oh, I thought it was where you are now, MORROCO! :)
      -Lexus Carrington

  11. I think this was taken in Paris,Rome the city of love :) <3