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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shopping at Medina

Hello students,

The old city of Medina is located in Morocco. Medina is famous for the shops and vendors that are located there. Does the name Medina sound familiar to you? Maybe you heard the name from global class. Let me
know; add a post.


  1. It sounds familiar to Saudi Arabia, maybe its a country
    -Lexus Carrington

  2. i think this is a very interesting fabric and i like the way their materials are. and the name medina does sound very familiar. i know that Medina is a city in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia. it serves as the capital of Al Mandinah Province.

    Keep em coming Ms Jackson this is really interesting i know your enjoying yourself in Morocco. We miss you and hope to see you soon but in the mean time just have fun and update us on everything

  3. Yesss ! i heard that name before. but wow this looks different from our normal malls. maybe their selling rugs for the people to pray on. but anyways it looks cool. keep the pictures coming ms jackson

  4. Hello students,

    I am so excited with the great posts, please keep them coming.

  5. hey Ms. Jackson so Mondays class went well and as usual Jaylen was rude and disruptive, but as you also know the student you can count on did their work like they were suppose to i hope you are having a wonderful time there...the pictures are so cool.
    -Bobbi Blair

  6. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    I love the designs on these. Are you going to buy one and bring it back to class when you come back? Medina does sound familiar, but only because it was my first grade teacher's last name.
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  7. i love the fabric
    ronnel shaw

  8. These rugs are so cool what are the different ways and sizes of the rugs?

  9. Are rugs a big part of the African/Moroccan culture? Oh and Medina does sound familiar, it's also located in Saudi Arabia.
    -Aaliyah N.

  10. These rugs are nicee, are they used for praying or something?

  11. Medina sounds familiar to me only because it's my friend's name, lol. But I think Medina is sort of like a mall, just outside. Also, I think these rugs are praying rugs. If they aren't, they could also be welcome mats.