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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello students,

Read this article about the filmmaker of Kony 2012. Is he crazy? Tell me what you think.



  1. After reading this article I was very shocked and devasted to see what the kids in uganda are going through. Kony is a phsyco and he will be captured! He's cold hearted and self-fish! >=[ :(

  2. Hi Ms. Jackson....
    Yea.. not quite the happy introduction I usually write. That's because I was pretty disturbed by that article and video that came with it. He is definitely crazy. Even though he got it through stress, which all of us go through, it was something extremely odd. Running naked through the streets and ranting to yourself? That's not exactly common..
    Very, very odd.
    Your "Dream" (and very disturbed) Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  3. I feel bad about the kids in uganda. Kony should be locked up.
    -Lexus Carrington :)

  4. this is freaking crazy ! he needs to be captured ASAP!! hes all over the news and the internet. i have a good feeling that their going to catch him because we caught Osma .and he was a terriost. so i think the u.s will catch him to. its to bad how the kids in Uganda is being treated! oh man he is physco! all them kids better do team work and escape!

  5. Hey Ms. Jackson after reading this i wonder how would he feel if his kids were killed right in front of him and he had to watch them right their in plain site. Would that change his mind and make him stop what he is doing. I think he should be put through the death penalty. Africa is going the things its going through now so why is he going their to cause more problems.

  6. Ms. Jackson, after reading this, I couldn't believe it. Do you think he had a meltdown because of what's happening in Uganda ? Or maybe something else. I would be stressed and exhausted to if I were the co-founder of KONY2012. Hope you feel better Jason Russell.
    -Franchesca Zayas.

  7. After reading the article I'm really confused about why exactly the guy had a meltdown. Maybe it's because of the Kony situation but it's still weird to me. Anyway i think Kony should be caught already!
    -Aaliyah N.

  8. After the reading the article, I kind of do think he's a little crazy. If he's being hospitalize , suffering from dehydration and is running around in the street with his underwear on then something is wrong. Maybe he wants everyone to see how serious he is about his campaign

  9. I saw a video of Kony on Facebook, and it was just too sad to know that the kids in Uganda have to go through this. Also, this guy has to go through a lifetime in jail or a be hospitalized.