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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kayla this is for you

Hello Kayla,

You wanted to know if there were clubs located in Morocco, the answer is yes. Take a moment and examine the pictures below. Post me a response.


  1. Hello ms Jackson,
    I really like the name of their club it's so Americanized but it's really nice to know that the people have clubs like we do in America! :]

  2. Ms. Fequiere said she "did not make it" and you will know what that means. This is so cool, have you been inside of the club yet Ms. Jackson? How are the studends treating you probably better? There space is not full of sand like most of the other pictures you had in the slideshow, their roads looks so nice and easy to get across.

  3. this is cool it looks like miami or some other place that you would expect to have those type of trees and streets and cars i thought Africa was just sand and huts.

  4. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    I hope you went inside and partied! After all, it is a vacation, right!
    Very cool name, the "Palace Club," and it looks pretty quiet.
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  5. Hi You Know even If im From In morocco I never SEEN This Club In wish City IS IT ??

  6. WAVEY!!! You hanging in there I hope <3

  7. How dare you see a club and not go inside! I bet it would've been fun.