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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hello Students,

Who can figure this out?, my flight leaves JFK airport at 8:05pm on Saturday. I will arrive in Paris, France at 8:30am Sunday morning and at 12:35pm I will depart from Paris and go to Morooco. What time will I arrive in Morocco?

Use the following link to help:




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  2. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    It's kind of hard to tell, as we don't know how long your flight from Paris to Morocco is.Without knowing the length of your flight, it's pretty hard it out.
    When did you start teaching math, Ms. Jackson? It's difficult. :)
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  3. Hello Ms Jackson,
    It's very intractable to conclude what exact time you'll arrive but due to conducive Site that was given above, I don't know if my answer is quite accurate but I'll say you would arrive in MOrocco Around 2:30-2:45 am due to my caculations.

    -Lamar Gayle

  4. I can't quite answer the question :)
    -Lexus Carrington