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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Middle School visit

Hello students,

I had an opportunity to visit a middle school. In this class students are at the beginning stages of learning English.

I had a chance to talk with them in small groups and I was able to completely understand their English. They are doing a great job. We talked about food, Arab Idol and music. The girls like Justin Beiber, so I showed them a video of Alfredo who thinks he is Justin Beiber. They enjoyed that very much.



  1. HI Ms.Jackson!

    I find it very funny that you showed them a video of Alfredo because he can truly pass off as Justin! Im actually amazed that they know about him! this tells me that he isnt only well known in the U.S but in other countries too. Also, it's pretty cool that you get to see what elementary school and middle school students do !

    Your Student,
    Assata Alston

    1. yes i like the fact that all artist are none...

  2. That was really funny but like assata said, he can pass as JB. The middle schools look really fun, they look amicable :)

  3. Great pictures Ms. Jackson. Are the Middle school grades the same there, 6-8?

  4. In every picture, they keep throwing up peace signs, lol. I also agree with Lamar and Assata, Alfredo could pretend to be Justin Bieber if you bring him over there. They look like they're also having a good time, lol.