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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shoes and more

Hello students,

Take a moment to examine some of these great images of Morocco. Post a See-Think-Wonder comment. Tell me your thoughts.

Miss you much!


  1. Hi Ms. Jackson!
    I think this picture is more for the girls! Regardless, i think the way they seem to display their items is pretty different than ours. They just lay them out, instead of cases and shelves. I see that not all shoes are next to their pair. I wonder, do they keep the pairs in a sort of warehouse?
    Your "Dream" Student,
    Xavier Pacheco :)

  2. Ms. Jackson have you ever seen Toms ? Lol, They look like old Toms :)
    - Franchesca Zayas <3

  3. Ms Jackson my question to you is have you worn these shoe/slippers?
    do they feel like socks?

  4. Ms. Jackson how do these feel? Can you walk straight in these shoes? do they hurt?

  5. Are these shoes look hand made?

  6. Hello stUdents,

    The shoes are handmade and they are traditional shoes that everyone wears. The colors are bold and beautiful. Keep the posts coming.

  7. Hey Ms. Jackson those shoes look really nice. What do the different colors mean?

  8. They kind of look like comfy shoes you walk around the house with. I wonder what they are made out of and i see them made in different colors

  9. They are different colors and do they wear these and fancy shoes too?

  10. They look so comfortable and remind me a bit of the Vans shoes we have here.